Irish Attachment in Action

 IAIA is a professional interest and awareness raising group committed to promoting a greater awareness and understanding of attachment theory in Ireland, with the aim of creating more positive experiences of attachment for children and helping to inform health and social policy and education.
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Our Vision

We are committed to supporting social policies that enhance relationships between parents and children and promoting the creation of secure attachment experiences for all members of society. We also aim to support professionals who work with families by providing access to knowledge, training and expertise in attachment theory.

We Believe

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In supporting

parents and families towards providing positive attachment experiences for their children during all stages of development.

We Believe

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That an awareness

of attachment theory can help to underpin positive developments in both physical and mental health in Ireland.

We Believe

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That Attachment Theory helps

to create a model of working with others that is both connected and collaborative, reflecting the vision and values we cherish.

Aims and Objectives of IAIA

To raise

awareness of the importance of healthy, secure attachment. This will include the dissemination of information to professional and to parents/caregivers. The primary message in this information will be an understanding of why attachment matters for individuals, families and society, as well as the factors that encourage and impede healthy attachment.

To advocate

for knowledge of attachment theory and practice to become a fundamental element in the education of all relevant professionals. This will include professionals in health, mental health, and social care service, as well as educational professionals including primary and secondary school teachers.

To assist

in the advancement of effective attachment-informed practice through the development, support and dissemination of robust research, professional training and CPD, seminars and conferences. • To act as a central point of contact for professionals who are trained and are working in using attachment-related approaches, so as to facilitate sharing of knowledge and expertise.

To deliver

a minimum of two annual events focused on promoting attachment. • To advocate for the allocation of research funding to support the development of interventions that can be tailored to particular needs of individuals and groups within society, across the whole island of Ireland.

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What is Attachment

Attachment is the basis for all early relationships. It is what shapes, forms and influences who we are and how we are with others. It is where we hurt and heal and learn how to manage. Human relationships across society are also the foundations for positive growth and wellbeing; those we have with our parents, children and partners.

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