Irish Attachment in Action are pleased to be hosting an Online screening of Resilience with a selected panel discussion. Unfortunately,this is a closed session for Professionals in the Tipperary area, Ireland. This ground breaking documentary instigated conversations world wide around Trauma and it’s impact on the human condition,however the capacity for resilience and growth.

“Whilst society often portrays childhood as a time of hapiness and innocence, the sad reality for many children is that this is simply not true. In general, we assume that children are resilient and tough; we expect that they won’t clearly remember upsetting events from their earliest years in their later ones. However, will the mind may forget, this clever documentary highlights that the body still remembers. Resilience reveals how toxic stress in pre-teens can trigger hormones that can wreak havoc on their brains and bodies.”

Should you or your organisation be interested in having a screening or attending one, please email for further information.


Circle of Security Circle of Security Logo established a parenting reflection program offering core components of the evidence based and internationally acclaimed COS protocol. This 3-day seminar trains professionals to use an eight chapter DVD to reflect with parents and caregivers  on examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction and healthy options in care giving. Further details and how to register click on the link below. Hosted by our colleaugues at Young Ballymun, Dublin.

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COS Flyer and Information Dublin 2022

Action Trauma Presents: The full schedule for the Virtual Trauma Recovery Summit is now available – please visit www.traumasummit.comlive streamed from Titanic Belfast, which will include keynote presentations from the world’s leading experts, workshops and live discussion groups/panels/Q&A sessions. The Virtual Trauma Recovery Summit will continue to bring together the world’s leading experts in the field of trauma and trauma recovery to digitally present their latest research, expertise and understanding of trauma and how it affects both individuals, families and communities. 

The Summit will examine a range of treatment modalities to heal trauma and how delegates can incorporate these into their own professional practice.  

Working within the field of social, youth and community, we wanted to highlight the following speakers, presenting the latest knowledge and understanding to deliver positive outcomes on the road to recovery for your clients and patients:

  • Kenneth V. Hardy – Healing the Hidden Wounds of Racial Trauma
  • Gabor Maté  – Keynote – What is Compassionate Inquiry?

  • Elaine Miller-Karas – Keynote – The Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM®) Approach

  • Holly Perrault – Lived experience story

  • Stephen Hughes & Vivian McKinnon – Exploring trauma in young people/communities/vulnerable adults and how as a society we can break the cycle and bring about healing.

During the three days you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with over 2,500 professionals from around the world on a digital platform
  • Take part in breathing and mindfulness exercises
  • CPD accreditation – 19 points

Key features of our digital platform – Whova:

  • Watch pre-recorded workshops and tune into a live feed of keynote presentations  
  • Engage with and follow delegates through live polls, Q&A sessions, Ice breaker groups and also create virtual meet-ups after the event 
  • Delegates will have access to the event for 6 months post conference date

Full details of speakers and event timetable can be found on our website at

If you would like to secure your place, you can book your ticket HERE or contact me to arrange invoice. If you would like to confirm booking,  or have any further questions please contact me by email or on 028 9751 2138.

On Tuesday 25th May 2021, the Heart of Frontline Practice collaborative group will hold its second national seminar for Ireland’s frontline practitioners.

Reconnecting with the Heart of Frontline Practice 2021′ is a one-day, virtual seminar to provide a safe and nourishing space for frontline practitioners to reflect on the impact of their work.

It is open to all frontline practitioners working in public, private or community roles in healthcare, social care, education and the justice sector.

The theme of this year’s seminar is ‘Vulnerability, humility and compassion at the frontline’.

The event will include stimulating presentations from guest speakers, interactive plenary sessions and facilitated break-out spaces.

The collaborative group behind the seminar – Ag Eisteacht, SHEP (The Social and Health Education Project) and Dr Nicola O’Sullivan, independent social care consultant – has a shared interest in supporting those working at the frontline.

Guest speakers will include Dr Aisling McMahon, a clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, who will talk about ‘Vulnerability and humility in supervision relationships.’

Another guest speaker, Dr Tim Dartington, will explore reflective practice as one way of taking a breather at this time of difficulty and stress.

The seminar will also feature Dr Kate Lucre, a Birmingham-based compassion-focused therapist, who will explore compassion and self-compassion.

Feedback from attendees of last year’s Reconnecting with the Heart of Frontline Practice seminar showed that almost 97% of the respondents believed that the seminar had provided a safe space for them. 87.5% said that they felt reconnected with their work and what drew them into it, and 97% agreed that incorporating reflective practice into their work was important.

The fee for this one-day seminar is €50. Places are limited and booking is via Eventbrite or email

Please follow on Twitter @heartofpractice for updates.

About this Event

This training is designed to support whole school implementation of trauma informed and mentally healthy practices into schools and organisations in an Irish context. The session will ensure that delegates will have the knowledge, skills and understanding to optimise the wellbeing of both adults and pupils in their school and support this crucial cultural change.

This training is supported by over 1000 evidence-based research studies, is designed to empower school staff to understand the needs of all children and teenagers, including those who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. Delegates will also learn what happens in Trauma and Mental Health Informed schools in terms of key relational approaches and interventions to positively impact the whole school culture.

This event is suitable for principals, teachers, special needs assistants and all professionals working to support the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in Irish schools and communities.

Hosts: Christine Davies, Head of Training, TISUK East, Annie Chappell, Therapeutic Counsellor & TISUK trainer & Siobhan Garrett, Therapeutic Education Consultant & TISUK Trainer.

Overview of Course Content

• The neuroscience and psychology of child and adolescent mental health and mental ill-health: what all staff need to know

• Model One: ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) study and Protective Factors in schools that change children’s lives.

• Model Two: Professor Jaak Panksepp’s model of mental health, mental ill-health and theory of change

• Model Three: PROTECT/RELATE/REGULATE/ REFLECT and how this informs school policy, procedures and school culture and ethos

• The role of emotionally available adults in schools: Benefit to staff and students

• ‘I wish my teacher knew’ They want to tell us. Are we ready to hear?

• Key skills in responding to and understanding challenging and/or trauma triggered behaviour.

Ticket Cost €27.55

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Our associates at Action Trauma are hosting  a free webinar  which will go live on 1st March and is available for three months to watch at a time that suits you.  Judith spoke at our Intergenerational Trauma conference in January and following extremely positive feedback, has agreed to present this webinar at a time when we need it most.  Key frontline workers and professionals in various fields, asked to gain a deeper understanding of ‘knowing what to say and when to say it’ at the point of crisis and emergency.  It changes a situation from a time of trauma to a time of rescue/help/recovery.

Judith Simon Prager, PhD, is a writer, therapist, lecturer, and award-winning instructor in the UCLA X Writers’ Program. She has trained physicians, nurses, first responders, and counsellors in the protocol she co-developed called Verbal First Aid™, lecturing across the United States and around the world.

“During periods of great stress, words that seem immaterial or are uttered in jest, might become fixed in the patients minds and cause untold harm”  (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons)

We understand that words can harm and words can heal. Knowing what to say and how to say it is essential to create a trajectory of physical and emotional recovery. Statistics show that, in an emergency setting, 15% of us are clear headed, 10% panic and the remaining 75% freeze as if in a trance. Judith approaches this webinar with the ethos of promoting ways of giving/communicating cues of safety and how you can’t always ‘cure’ but you can always ‘care’.


The webinar will give a brief overview in Four Modules addressing:


Module 1:  NHS and Frontline/First Responders dealing with injured or rescued people

Module 2: Chaplains / Pastoral care dealing with bereavement, loss and grief

Module 3: Educators/teachers working with children and vulnerable adults

Module4: Parent or carer managing family, work life and home schooling


It will give you fundamental skills in becoming centred, building rapport (verbally and non-verbally / pacing and leading) and learning how to give therapeutic suggestions. Building rapport in an emergency situation is so important, as it provides that person in the moment of fear and pain, with a feeling of being understood, which develops trust, compliance and positive expectation. Communicating with 4 C’s – Confidence, Credibility, Compassion and Concern. Here is a testimonial from an attendee who participated in a previous Verbal First Aid™ training:


f you would like to book your free place on the webinar, please register on this link   Verbal First Aid | Action Trauma. The link will take you through to the Action Trauma Website where you can view the event in more detail. Please click on the ‘Book Now’ button and register your details (please make sure your email is inputted correctly to the form). You will then be sent a tito confirmation with all the information you require to access the FREE webinar. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE WILL NOT GO LIVE UNTIL 1ST MARCH 2021.  If you feel that other members of your team/department could benefit from this workshop, please feel free to forward the link.  The webinar will be live from 1st March 2021 through to 1st June 2021.


Our Associates Action Trauma are delighted to announce the launch of its Virtual Intergenerational Trauma Conference, bringing together over 3,500 delegates on 19th and 20th January 2021.

This important international event brings together world-leading authorities and experts in the field of intergenerational trauma and trauma recovery.  Understand and be aware of the many factors surrounding intergenerational trauma and look deeper into inherited behaviours and epigenetics.  As trauma is passed down from generation to generation, the impact it has on the expression of our genes can be hugely significant.  This new field of study uncovers the roots of pain so that present generations may be healed and future generations might not be impacted. 

Delivering a full schedule of dynamic thought leaders and experts in the field of trauma over 2 days, delegates will gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference to people within your community, classroom and their own professional practice and development.

During the two days you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with over 3,000 professionals from around the world on a digital platform
  • Learn from World-Leading experts
  • Take part in live Q & A Sessions   
  • Take part in breathing and mindfulness exercises
  • Observe panel discussions with leading experts.
  • Networking opportunities
  • CPD accreditation 

We are delighted to have international speakers such as Stephen Porges, Rachel Yehuda, Dr Felicity De Zulueta and Kenneth V Hardy along with so many other experts in the field of intergenerational trauma. Please see attached schedule below of all speakers and content over the two days. You can view full details of the event, including booking, on our brand new website: Book now and don’t miss out on this unique event. Tickets are priced at £98 for both days and each delegate will receive a CPD accredited certificate.

For Full details of conference Click on the link below


“Together TV is glad to announce that on Sunday 14th June at 8 pm, we will air groundbreaking documentary Resilience;  The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, a UK premiere. Sky channel 170, Freeview 88, Virgin Media 269, Freesat 164.“Whilst society often portrays childhood as a time of hapiness and innocence, the sad reality for many children is that this is simply not true. In general, we assume that children are resilient and tough; we expect that they won’t clearly remember upsetting events from their earliest years in their later ones. However, will the mind may forget, this clever documentary highlights that the body still remembers. Resilience reveals how toxic stress in pre-teens can trigger hormones that can wreak havoc on their brains and bodies.” Well worth a watch!


From our Associates Action Trauma comes this highly recommended online event . “The Virtual Trauma Summit 2020 takes the place of the original actual event, but remains a ‘conference with a difference’. Nine keynote presentations by the World’s leading experts and six pre-recorded workshops describe a range of modalities on trauma treatment. This unique virtual conference offers new information and ideas about trauma at a time when we most need it. Allowing us to think, pause and reflect without having to physically join in one place.  Access to the virtual content will be available for 14 days after the conference.”

For further information click here Further information and to Book Trauma Summit

Irish attachment in Action alongside TUSLA and IFCA were intrumental in bringing Resilience Screenings across Ireland and starting great conversations with many different people and organisations. Dartmouth Films  Offer “To mark Children’s Mental Health Week (03–09 February 2020) and National Storytelling Week (01–08 February 2020), we’re highlighting three vital films to add to your arsenal of ACE-awareness and trauma-informed training resources. We’re offering a 20% discount on new long-term licences booked before 20 February 2020.”