Our Vision

We are committed to supporting social policies that enhance relationships between parents and children and promoting the creation of secure attachment experiences for all members of society.

We also aim to support professionals who work with families by providing access to knowledge, training and expertise in attachment theory.

We believe:

  • in supporting parents and families towards providing positive attachment experiences for their children during all stages of development.


  • that an awareness of attachment theory can help to underpin positive developments in both physical and mental health in Ireland. It can provide a framework for understanding some aspects of socially destructive behaviours and thus contribute to social cohesion.


  • that attachment theory helps to create a model of working with others that is both connected and collaborative, reflecting the vision and values we cherish. In promoting a greater understanding of attachment theory with both government and non-governmental agencies, our aim is to bring about positive change in social care, health and education.


IAIA seeks to help support individuals and organisations to gain a greater understanding of this ‘Attachment World’ so as to make positive contributions to our families, work places and the communities we live in. Creating a greater awareness of the importance of relationship is one of our key objectives in IAIA.