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1 month ago
Parents must reclaim the central role if growing crisis among children is to end, suggests new book

Interesting Article "Children are in crisis and it’s because — instead of orbiting around their parents and other responsible adults as they are meant to do — they are more and more orbiting around each other.
Being ‘cool’ matters more than anything else.
This is how Dr Gabor Maté and Dr Gordon Neufeld, authors of Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers, ... See more

Our hands-off approach to childrearing means kids are increasingly being led by their peers. It’s crucial parents reclaim their central role, a leading physician tells Helen O’Callaghan.

1 month ago

This year, it would be great to see more Teachers and Educators 👩‍🏫 #traumatohope #iaiaconf2019

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A lack of attachment is tied to personality disorders

Short Read "One psychologist and researcher, Joel Paris, has said that the temperament of a child can predispose him or her to certain difficulties, but it’s a child’s experiences of loss, trauma, and neglect that can cause traits to become pathological. For example, most children with a shy temperament overcome shyness as they grow older, or learn how to manage it. However, if his or her ... See more

An important number of studies link attachment in childhood to the development of personality disorders in adulthood, suggesting that insecure attachment is an important risk factor in psychopathol…

1 month ago
Team Mentor Northern Ireland National Citizen Service, Lurgan/Portadown Team

Work opportunity with a great organisation making a difference. Co-operation Ireland are seeking an individual to mentor, engage and inspire a team of 15 young people, aged 15-17 as they go through their NI NCS journey this summer.

Co-operation Ireland are seeking an individual to mentor, engage and inspire a team of 15 young people, aged 15-17 as they go through their NI NCS journey this summer.

1 month ago
To Build a "Trauma-Informed Community" Start With Babies

Essential to support parenting to give babies the best start in life.
“Ways of being together are laid down in our minds and bodies the early weeks, months, and years of life. They become part of us; part of our DNA. Our earliest relationships sculpt our nervous system and the way our body responds to stress. The moment-to-moment mismatch and repair of early infancy is the material of which our ... See more

Research shows development of resilience begins with our earliest relationships.

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Attachment parenting

All children need this “Part of attachment parenting is the belief that every expression of emotion counts as an attempt to communicate – even tantrums. Rather than punishing children for their outbursts, attachment parents instead aim to understand what their child is trying to say to ‘build the foundation of trust and empathy’.
‘Babies cannot be expected to self-soothe, they need ... See more

Attachment parenting, based on attachment theory, has caught a lot of positive and negative attention. Check out our simple guide to decide on attachment parenting yourself

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23 Children's Books About Emotions For Kids With Big Feelings

Some great books and resources here “Emotions can be difficult. For adults, absolutely, but even more so for children. How are they supposed to express the hard ones like grief, anger, or sadness without the language to describe them? Creating a foundation of emotional intelligence has been a goal of mine since before my children were born. Unfortunately, children don’t come with ... See more

Twenty-three of the best children's books about emotions, for kids and parents alike. Find books for preschoolers to middle grade kids.

1 month ago

Recommended screen time for toddlers from the World Health Organisation.

1 month ago
New Hope for Reversing the Trend in Depression and Suicide

Very interesting article. “In our society, no one teaches us what emotions are, let alone how to use them safely and skillfully. We learn how to avoid our emotions using a myriad of defenses such as addictions, over-working, over-eating, under-eating, isolating ourselves, ruminating, and many others.
Chronic reliance on avoidance eventually leads to a sense of being disconnected both from our ... See more

A recent story, "Everywhere and Nowhere" in the New Yorker by Donald Antrim tells a harrowing and honest account of the author's life-long journey battling depression and suicidal thoughts. While many people believe that depression is a flaw in brain chemistry, Antrim's deeply personal story illumin...

1 month ago
Brain Hierarchy: When Your Child’s Lower Brain Levels Are Weak, they Can’t Learn

Interesting information on this link. "Did you know that the brain of an infant contains essentially all the brain cells that they will ever need for learning throughout their lifespan? Add this to the knowledge that a newborn baby’s brain is about a third the size of an adult brain, but has all the mechanics it needs to develop speech, language, balance, coordination, executive functioning and ... See more

Brain Hierarchy: When Your Child’s Lower Brain Levels Are Weak, they Can’t Learn This article contains information regarding the brain hierarchy and how each part affects learning in the classroom. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Integrated Learning Strategies (ILS) is a learn...

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Lovely 🤗

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5 Ways Yelling At Children Affects Their Brain

Context needs to be understood here! "A recent study published in Journal of Child Development found that children raised in an environment where yelling is common are more likely to develop psychological issues and conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and behavioral problems. Nobody wants that for their children so try to discipline in a calmer manner, your kids will thank you for it!"

How many of us were yelled at by our parents when we were younger? Is it something you've been guilty of doing with your own children? It's an easy trap to fal...

1 month ago
Irish Foster Care Association

Great opportunity to join the conversation...

1 month ago
Perspective | The power of listening to a boy

Interesting Article “From the time they are very young, boys face pressures to look, talk, walk, play and act in acceptably masculine ways. Man-making is unforgiving, driving a boy to hide aspects of who he truly is.”

Listening to boys can help them learn who they are. And though it seems quite basic, it is not always easy.

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Amy Wadge - Faith's Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

‘In our conference we will be looking at how we support one another as adults and give hope when all seems lost.’ 🤗

Written and performed by Amy Wadge for the television series Keeping Faith produced by Vox Pictures for BBC Wales. © Cold Coffee Music Limited 2018 Distribut...

2 months ago
How the brain fights off fears that return to haunt us - Neuroscience News

Very Interesting Research. "Neuroscientists at The University of Texas at Austin have discovered a group of cells in the brain that are responsible when a frightening memory re-emerges unexpectedly, like Michael Myers in every “Halloween” movie. The finding could lead to new recommendations about when and how often certain therapies are deployed for the treatment of anxiety, phobias and ... See more

Newly identified 'extinction neurons' in the hippocampus suppress fearful memories when activated, and allow the memories to return when deactivated. The findings may provide new treatment avenues for PTSD, phobias, and anxiety.

2 months ago
More Evidence Fortnite Is Bad for Your Child's Health

Scary 'The world’s most popular online video game costs nothing to play, is available on seven different platforms, has more than 200 million registered players worldwide, and its CEO is now worth over $7 billion. Launched in the summer of 2017, Fortnite has blown away the competition to become the go-to video game for any serious or would-be gamer. Fortnite may also be responsible for a ... See more

The world's most popular online video game costs nothing to play, is available on seven different platforms, has more than 200 million registered players worldwide, and its CEO is now worth over $7 billion. Launched in the summer of 2017, Fortnite has blown away the competition to become the go-to v...

2 months ago

Interesting Infographic. "The psychological effect of video games on the human brain, especially in children, is a very controversial topic as video game usage rates skyrocket in the 21st century.
Similar to the argument on whether or not TV is beneficial to development, some people claim that video games are detrimental to the development of the human brain, while others praise video games as ... See more

2 months ago
Screen time associated with behavioral problems in preschoolers - Neuroscience News

Short Read Research. 'A new Canadian study of more than 2,400 families suggests that among preschoolers, spending two hours or more of screen time per day is linked to clinically significant behavioural problems.
Compared with children who had less than 30 minutes per day of screen time, children who were exposed to more than two hours of screen time per day were five times more likely to ... See more

Two or more hours of screen time is associated with inattention problems in preschool-aged children.

2 months ago
IAIA National Conference 2019

Book your Tickets and Workshops below. Workshops allocated on s first come basis as numbers are capped for each workshop. Sales are steadily increasing as we anticipate a 'Sold Out Event.'

Irish Attachment in Action's National Conference, 'Why Attachment Mattters from Trauma to Hope.' This is going to be something special with Practice Leads from across Ireland delivering 6 workshops and 3 keynote presentations. across a range of issues as requested by members and followers of IAIA. (...

2 months ago

A popular infographic with IAIA followers.🤗

2 months ago
Parents' Love Goes a Long Way

Good blog from Psychology Today. "It’s been established for some time that consistently negative parenting behaviors lead to difficulty for children, both during childhood and later in life. It’s easy to assume that the opposite would be true of more positive parenting behaviors. But does the data bear that out? “We were trying to see if that experience of warmth, affection and love in a ... See more

New research links affectionate parents with a happy and flourishing adulthood.

2 months ago
The biological reason why it's so hard for teenagers to wake up early for school

Short read with a good Infographic "In societies the world over, teenagers are blamed for staying up late, then struggling to wake up in the morning. While it’s true that plenty of teenagers (like many adults) do have bad bedtime habits, researchers have long since proven that this global problem has a biological cause.
In 2004, researchers at the University of Munich proved that teenagers ... See more

Science shows that early starts can be bad for teenagers' health. Schools and universities would be better off starting at 10am.

2 months ago
Irregular bedtimes have a huge impact on kid's behavior + development, says study ​

Short Read "Sometimes the bedtime battle can make a mama feel like it would be easier to just let the kids fall asleep whenever they want, but there are huge benefits to a consistent bedtime routine, and one big drawback to letting kids head to bed whenever.
A study out of the UK looked at the bedtime habits of 10,000 kids when they were between 3 and 7 years old and found that kids with ... See more

Not having a bedtime can basically give a kid jet lag without the travel.

2 months ago

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