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IAIA National Conference 2018 News Reel


IAIA 2018 Overview

Kieran Downey, Executive Director of Social Work and Director of
Children Services WHSCT Theme: “Supporting Children and Families”

Diane Hanly, Social Worker, Systemic Psychotherapist and Lecturer at
DCU, and Trinity College Dublin. Theme: Narratives on Attachment:
Working with Families and Children in Care.

Tina Hendry, Ex Staff Nurse, Kinship Carer and now a Scottish Police
Officer and a Trainer and Advo-cate in Attachment.
Theme: “Why Attachment Matters’

Jane Evans

Practitioner and Trainer in working with children with
attachment, trauma and anxiety. She has presented on National radio and
television as an expert commentator on this subject. She has also given
TED talks on this subject.

Theme: “How and Why to focus on adult wellness when caring for and
living with children with trauma”

Theme: Practical ways to reduce anxiety and support
attachment for Parents Carers and Teachers

IAIA Conference 2017  Overview

 Conference Presentations 2017

Jim McGuigan

TUSLA- Child and Family Agency


Maurice Meehan

Public Health Agency Northern Ireland


Dr Helen Minnis

(Keynote Speaker)

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Patron of Scottish Attachment in Action


Scottish Attachment in Action


Why Attachment Matters


Why Attachment Matters in Education

Marie Dunne

Mental Health Promotion Specialist


Christina Enright

 Integrative Child and Family Psychotherapist


 IAIA Conference Delegate Feedback
Peter O’Toole
Irish Foster Care Association